Meeting with the technology and infrastructure of the LUCHAN craft beer production

9th May 2023, 

Studentsand lecturers of the educational and professional programme of the second(master's) level of higher education "Food technology and restaurantindustry" visited the LUCHAN craft beer production. At the enterprise,they were introduced to the history of beer production in the world and in ourregion; in particular, considerable attention was paid to the first breweriesin Lutsk, Waclav Zeman and the Schneider brothers. Among the participants ofthe event were the members of the project "Accelerating Innovation andEntrepreneurial Excellence in Higher Education Institutes" (AccEntProject).

The brewer's technologist told the participants about the assortment ofLUCHAN craft beer and the features of its production. Raw materials (varioustypes of malt and hops) used in production were demonstrated. He noted that craftproductions are oriented towards local consumers and their taste preferences.

Craft production allows brewer's technologists to experiment with localraw materials (various berries and fruits) to obtain new flavors of beer, whichwill satisfy the most demanding preferences of consumers. In addition, thestudents were introduced to the production infrastructure of the enterprise,which allows the enterprise to obtain a high-quality and safe product.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s EIT HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education under Grant Agreement No 10047.

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