AccEnt: education on StartUp projects is taking place at LNTU

5th April 2023

Under the project"Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence in HigherEducation Institutes" (AccEnt Project), implemented within the frameworkof the initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology forHigher Education Institutions (EIT HEI - European Institute of Innovation andTechnology for Higher Education Institutions), StartUp project competition istaking place at LNTU.

67 students expressed a desire to participate in the competition onStartUp projects. The participants registered 21 projects.

Besides, every participant could take place in training on finalizingideas for project implementation and teamwork.

The course hasbeen conducted by certified specialists of Entrepreneurial University:Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Sciences, Yurii Lukianchuk,and Associate Professor of the Department of Software Engineering, OlenaSurynovych.

 During the first training the participantswere introduced to the course from the Entrepreneurial University called"Innovative Entrepreneurship and startup project management".Students received certificates of course completion and the opportunity todemonstrate their development at the university and compete in the startupcompetition. In addition, during the training, students gained the skills topitch their projects and present them to investors.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s EIT HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education under Grant Agreement No 10047.

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