Unveiling Excellence in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship: The More ICE Awards Organized by Thomas More University of Applied Sciences

Innovation stands at the forefront of progressin various domains, shaping the world we live in today. Recognizing the vitalrole of innovation in societal development, Thomas More University of AppliedSciences (Belgium), organized the More ICE (Innovation, Creativity, andEntrepreneurship) Awards at the co-working space 'de Kwekerij' in Lier. Thisarticle explores the significance of the More ICE Awards, shedding light on itsobjective, the event's framework, the evaluation process, and the impact it hason fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the region.

The More ICE Awards, organized by Thomas MoreUAS, serve as a platform to celebrate and honour outstanding achievements ininnovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship amongst the students. The eventbrings together students to showcase their (groundbreaking) projects and ideas.By recognizing and promoting exceptional talent and innovation, the More ICEAwards contribute to the growth and development of the regional innovationecosystem.

The primary objective of the More ICE Awards isto provide a platform for innovative student(teams) to showcase theircutting-edge ideas, inventions, and entrepreneurial ventures. The awards aim tofoster a spirit of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among students.By acknowledging exceptional achievements, the More ICE Awards inspire andmotivate individuals to push boundaries, think outside the box, and createsolutions that address real-world challenges.

The event, this year organised at the premissesof de co-working space 'de Kwekerij' in Lier, which provides a vibrant anddynamic environment that encourages networking and collaboration amongparticipants, is a culmination of preparation and collaboration between ThomasMore and its partners.

The More ICE Awards feature multiple categoriesthat span various faculties, ensuring a comprehensive representation ofinnovation across different domains. These categories encompass fields such astechnology, healthcare, sustainability, design, and social impact. Eachcategory undergoes a rigorous evaluation process, where a panel of experts withdomain-specific knowledge and experience assesses the submissions.

The evaluation criteria focus on the uniquenessand originality of the innovation, its potential impact on society or industry,its feasibility, and the entrepreneurial mindset demonstrated by theparticipating student(teams). Projects that demonstrate a strong combination ofinnovation, creativity, and commercial viability stand out during the evaluationprocess.

The More ICE Awards have a profound impact onthe innovation ecosystem within the university. Firstly, the awards serve as aplatform for participants to gain visibility and recognition for their work.This recognition can attract potential investors, partners, or collaborators,providing invaluable opportunities for further development and growth.

Moreover, the awards foster a culture ofinnovation and entrepreneurship among students and university staff. Byshowcasing successful projects and entrepreneurial ventures, the More ICEAwards inspire individuals to pursue their own innovative ideas and take thenecessary steps to bring them to fruition. The event serves as a catalyst fornurturing entrepreneurial talent, creating a positive and supportiveenvironment for aspiring innovators.

Furthermore, the More ICE Awards contribute tothe regional economic development by promoting innovation-drivenentrepreneurship in education. Recognizing and rewarding exceptionalinnovations encourages participants to pursue commercialization and bring theirideas to market. This, in turn, stimulates economic growth, creates jobopportunities, and attracts investment in the region.


Visit thewebsite at: https://moreice.sinners.be/english.html

This project has received funding from the European Union’s EIT HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education under Grant Agreement No 10047.

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